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Sneaky Clean Kit

Sneaky Trainer Cleaning Kit

The Sneaker and Trainer Cleaning Kit is a premium deep cleaning solution for your shoes, trainers and sneakers.

  • Pump action cleaner creates a self foaming cleaning solution.
  • The premium direct to shoe applicator means there is no need to mix with water.
  • Large grip hog hair brush is firm on tough stains and gentle on softer fabrics.
  • The super soft micro fibre towel is ideal for wiping down.
  • Suitable for all types of materials including suede, nubuck, leather, synthetics and canvas.

Trainer Cleaning Kit – The Best Shoe and Trainer Cleaning Kit on The Market

Are you looking for the best trainer cleaning kit? Then look no further than the Sneaky Cleaning Kit. Our kit contains Sneaky Cleaner, Sneaky Brush and Sneaky Cloth which all combine to deliver the best cleaning solution for shoes and trainers.

The industry leading bottle design of Sneaky Cleaner means that the cleaning solution can be applied directly to your shoe or trainers. The bottle creates a cleaning foam directly from the solution so you can clean specific areas of dirt or the complete shoe (which is what we recommend).

The cleaning solution is gentle on delicate shoe and trainer fabrics whilst being able to tackle stubborn stains and dirt. Sneaky Brush is a soft bristle hog hair brush which is great for cleaning but gentle on delicate fabrics.

These no need to find any old rag to finish off the cleaning process as included is a premium micro fibre towel to dry off any excess.

Type: Mens Accessories